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We have all once heard the saying’at the blacksmith’s house, stick knife’. And, in many sectors, this is fully applicable. How many companies that sell a certain product or service have you found that they are not working for themselves? In the end, the time sent, and we put the projects of the clients of the company itself. And it makes sense!

If this is the case with your technology business and the day-to-day eats you up to the point of not being able to apply your own story to your company, don’t you think it’s time to use the technology to sell your technology? Let’s see how you can manage to close more online sales thanks to technology.

Take into account the buyer’s journey

As you know, not all companies have the same ability to implement a new technology support in their day-to-day. Some of them take a long time to decide to make such changes and, when they do, they need support from the supplier, in this case, your technology company.

How can you know this process and accompany your potential customers throughout all states of the buyer’s journey? Offering content of interest and focused on each of these stages of your purchase process.

The stages of the buyer’s journey are:

Discovery (Awareness).

At this point, the consumer realizes that he has a problem or a need to solve, but he is not quite sure what it is, he has only noticed, for example, a decrease in his sales. At this stage, we will have to offer the user basic and simple content to detect what their problem is. What we are looking for is that when you look for answers to your questions on the Internet, you will find us as a source of information.


At this stage, the consumer already knows what his problem is and begins to look for solutions. It’s time to offer content to help you choose the best option. In this case, we will work on more extensive content, such as guides, webinars or the like.

Decision (Decision).

Finally the user decides for a solution. It is time to offer our product or service as a solution to your problem. In this case, a free demo or business consultancy would be the most appropriate type of content.

Attracts customers to your website.

Of course, our target audience will find us for these online publications if we have worked on a keyword strategy in advance and know what terms you carry out these searches.

In short, you can get more online customers thanks to the technology by working a marketing strategy of attraction, or what is the same, of Inbound Marketing, and counting on a CRM that enhances your marketing strategies and offers you a maximum analysis of your actions and allows you to segment your database to the millimetre to offer the right content to the right user, at the right time.

Creates conversion targets

What do you want to get? How many customers do you want to close through your website? It is important that before working on an online marketing strategy, you set your target. Conversion objectives can be very diverse:

  • Get visitor conversions to lead
  • Close conversion online sale (plus own companies ecommerce)
  • Get registration to an event
  • Increase followers on social media…

It is important to be clear about your company’s short-to-medium-term objectives and thus to set your marketing strategies focused on them.

As you know, new technologies allow us to access a lot of immediate information that we would otherwise not have. The same is true when we work on online marketing instead of offline marketin. Working on an online strategy we will be able to know at all times how our campaigns are working and, in this way, promote those actions that work best and stop investing efforts in the strategies that are not bringing us results.

Of course, to perform this type of analysis you will need technology (CRM, email marketing platform, SEO analysis tools)…) that allows you to access the data of your actions. Google Analytics, for example, is a free tool that lets you know the status of your website at SEO positioning and visitation level. On the other hand, if you want to analyze the conversions of your website, you will need to have other tools, such as the HubSpot CRM.

You know very well to your buyer-person

The first step to all the strategies discussed is to know very well who your target audience is. Start by creating profiles of your buyer-people.

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