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Understanding the origin of technology

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For us to get an idea, Technology First has to be said to be a science, and therefore it encompasses multiple knowledge that is subsequently put in place to improve the quality of life of society. That is to say, the man is in charge of developing the technology so that with the mixture of all these skills is able to improve the space in which they live or simply to ensure that the techniques used in the work can evolve.

In short, technology is the science applied to give solution to the problems that are present in society, in different sectors and is used to develop alternatives that can help people come to have a better life in all kinds of aspects. Although the word technology is now being used more and more, the truth is that since prehistory we can already talk about the existence of technology. Moreover, it is from that moment that this concept begins to come to life and is given the primitive use that is the basis of what we really understand technology. For us to better understand all this, and now that we know what the definition of technology is, let’s see what functions this science usually performs.

The main functions of technology

As we have already advanced, the term technology dates back to prehistory since when we speak of technology we are referring to the set of knowledge that is put into practice to improve the quality of life of a society.

You are probably wondering what it has to do with prehistory, but if we remember, we will see that our ancestors developed primitive tools to be able to carry out certain actions, one of the most representative of which is hunting.

It is precisely here that we can talk about technology, because these first men manufactured weapons to be able to hunt down their prey, thus facilitating this work. In fact, this type of primary technology gathers all the functions that are currently given to this science, since in the face of a problem that arose a quick solution that also improved people’s lives, obtaining a more comfortable environment and facilitating this type of work. Although this is the main function that technology has and has been polishing over the years and evolving in the different times that have been happening, we also have to say that technology has been adopting other functions.

Thus, it is now not only used to improve, but also influenced in this sense the aesthetic aspect or that of symbology. What we mean by this is that technology can also have an aesthetic function. That is to say, using techniques or tools that have been developed to give a greater beauty to the objects, simply to make them more attractive and to call the attention of the society. This function is widely used by companies offering the same products in order to attract more customers. For example, this is often the case in the textile sector, where clothing is one of the most representative items.

We also need to have an impact on the symbolic function of technology related to terms of power. In this case, techniques and tools have been used to make majestic objects that give people a higher social status. In this case, we have a wide range that we can set as an example, from a simple jewel, to a mansion or a skyscraper, in the most modern cases.

And finally, we cannot talk about the functions of technology if we do not name the new trends, where the set of techniques and tools have evolved to adapt to the needs of today’s society and improve services. The computer is spearheading this series of changes so that the life of people is becoming more and more comfortable and satisfactory, observing that the technology never stops to evolve and improve with the passage of the years.

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