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You get a notice on your mobile: your friend has arrived at your house earlier than planned and is knocking on the door. Will open for you to wait inside comfortably. From the phone itself, through an app, you raise the blinds to take advantage of the last hours of light and activate the thermostat to make the temperature pleasant. When you arrive, fifteen minutes later, you prepare together a delicious dinner seasoned by the aromatic plants that grow in the kitchen and that, since they have irrigation sensors, they never run out of water.

There are many new solutions that can make our life easier. And most importantly, they can promote more efficient energy consumption and allow us to save on our bills. Some of these solutions are already available to almost everyone, others are still in the testing phase…

In Endesa, and in all the Enel Group we believe that the best way to open the new technologies to all users and to create new opportunities is sharing the experience and knowledge in spaces that allow them to interact with the devices. The Digital Lab that has just opened its doors at the Endesa headquarters in Madrid is born precisely from this idea.

Digital Lab is a space created with the main objective of allowing the diffusion of digital technologies within the Enel Group and is focused on technological exploration, testing solutions and devices and also demonstrating that we can be more efficient and collaborate with the conservation of the environment.

Company employees, collaborators or partners interested in new technologies can not only see the new devices they have available but can test them with their own hands and have the opportunity to contribute ideas and find new opportunities.

The space is configured in two areas, one domestic and one office, both equipped with the latest advanced home automation devices. A set of sensors can be programmed to perform the functions we decide. With the facial recognition option, for example, we can adapt the characteristics of the environment to our personal tastes: intensity or color of light, ambient temperature, lighting of appliances.

There are also other sensors that can tell us when there is a water leak or some smoke emission and also send a warning to our mobile phone. Others inform us if a stranger enters our house while we are gone or if they force the lock. ‘Smart’ plugs allow us to know when we are making higher use of electricity, tell us what device is doing it, and they can even allow us to turn it off from our mobile device.

In the workplace, technological solutions are found in this space that favor collaborative work, such as screens that allow videoconferencing while showing real-time presentations through smart screens or virtual slates. Or augmented reality glasses that allow “entry” into a wind turbine or a transformation center.

This initiative is one more step in the digital transformation that we are carrying out in all the activities we carry out in the company. We are convinced that digitisation is a fundamental tool for achieving the development of a more sustainable and effective business model.

Digital Lab is a drive towards smart consumption that promotes environmental care and promotes efficient energy use in different areas. A mutual benefit on which we bet both inside and outside our offices.

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