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PS5 and Xbox technology

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Sony and Microsoft have decided to market their respective new consoles in the same time window: by the end of 2020, both should arrive between October and December. An provoked frontal shock that will have consequences for both of us if one of the two companies manages to take the cat overboard too easily.

Knowing this, we ask ourselves What are the weapons of each one, both strategic and technological.

PS5 will incorporate a third generation AMD RYZEN chipset manufactured “to measure” with 8 nucleos, Zen 2 architecture and Navi graphics. It has been confirmed that this technology will support the ‘ray tracing’ (a very powerful light rendering technique and only available on good PC’S right now).

PS5 will support resolutions up to 8K (see for what situations) and we assume that the standard to move the games will be 4K, with the possibility of reaching 120Hz in the video signal refresh to turn the experience into something much more fluid than to date.

However, the item on which more emphasis has made Sony so far is the SSD storage, something that will allow the loading of graphics on the maps of the video games to be indistinguishable, and that, surely, will reduce the load times to a minimum (we will see after how much deals with a video game installed and of what capacity will be the internal disk of PS5 which, by the way, the rumor mill says that it can be replaced in the form of a cartridge)

Sony has also talked about a new standard for immersive 3D audio, particularly for headset users during the game.

Microsoft, for its part, will also use Zen 2 and Navi architecture with AMD custom-made chipsets. Speaking of quadrupling the power of your current Xbox One X.

The same, 8K (see for what), up to 120 Hz in the soda rate and Ray Tracing. It will also use SSD and use it as a virtual RAM to further boost loading times.

Microsoft has assured that its new Xbox will be backwards compatible with Xbox One, including peripherals, so as not to force its users to buy second controls or headsets on the day of release.

As you can see, very similar machines arrive at the market at the same time. You must have figured the real difference will be in the games.

Microsoft will continue to rely on its Game Pass to add users to its ranks. A powerful subscription that offers more than a hundred titles that grows by weeks and that always incorporates the latest developments developed by Microsoft since the day of departure.

Sony, however, seems to intend to continue to live on those exclusive ones that only they have and that so attract the public. The release of Ghost Of Tsushima has remained in limbo so it would be rare for it not to be a release title for PS5 and, knowing the people of Sony, it would be understandable for the appearance of “definitive” editions of The Last Of Us 2 or Death Strand, for example; games that people would pay for again and that would elevate the PS4 titles to a new standard.

Of course, nothing is known, but it would be rare for any of these two consoles to be below 500 euros on arrival on the market.

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