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Potosino Internet for all model could be applied in other states

Upon learning about the “Internet for All” program promoted by the state government, the federal undersecretary for Communications and technological development of the SCT, Salma Jalife Villalón, said that it is an interesting scheme that can be applied in other entities to increase connectivity in the country, and congratulated the governor of San Luis Potosí, Juan Manuel Carreras López, for the collaborative model that was applied in the community of La Salitrera in this municipality.

He asserted that the federal government is looking for ways to reduce costs and increase internet access in rural areas and where it is most needed, such as the collaborative model implemented by the state and municipal potosino government, in Villa de Zaragoza, where a significant part was made by civil society to find places for infrastructure, and with contributions from socially responsible entrepreneurs.

Jalife Villalón stated that the Secretariat of Communications and Transport is exploring various models to zoom in on the connectivity, as is the shared network evolution to 5G, the backbone network of fiber-glass on the electric network of CFE, and the use of the radio spectrum.

The governor of the state, Juan Manuel Carreras López, said that communication changes life, so it is a challenge to face and the state government will make the necessary efforts and effort to open new opportunities for the families of potosinas to have more well-being.

Requested the support of the secretary Jalife Villaón to that with new models all the potosinos and the potosinas are connected, since the internet is a medium which serves not only for fun, but that is a great support to boost tourism, business, credit, education, health and for families to be in contact.

Regarding connectivity in La Salitrera, he said that this is a very motivating example that gives a working route to solve the problem, and he thanked the people involved for the success of the model.

In this regard, the head of the SCT in the state government, Fernando Chávez Méndez, explained that this community requested the connectivity service of several telephone companies and was denied them, so, with the support of the unit in charge, Mrs. Alma Alicia Hernández Zavala set herself the goal of finding land contributed by members of the same community, so that the RuralNet company could place the necessary infrastructure for the service.

Francisco Daroch, director of the RuralNet internet service company, asked the federal official to legalize the whispers because they are people who solve a need for service for the different communities and it becomes necessary to work with them as well, but legally.

In the morning, Salma Jalife Villalón and governor Races Lopez had a work meeting and conducted a tour of the facilities of the C-4, whose infrastructure could be used to increase connectivity in the state, through models of public-private.

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