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MTC completed radio spectrum reordering that will allow 440 locations to be given the internet

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced the reordering of the radio spectrum that will allow free high-speed internet to more than 440 locations, 670 educational institutions and attract investments for $ 78 million in mobile telephony.

They explained that this process lasted six months and counted on the participation of the state and the operating companies to reduce the concentration of the radio spectrum in Lima and Callao in order to make a better redistribution and use throughout the country, the ministry explained to the press.

Seventy MHz (megahertz) were released nationally and an additional 20 MHz was released for Lima and Callao, the cities with the highest population concentration, in the 2.3 and 2.5 gigahertz (GHz) frequency bands, they specified.

New entrants enterprise

The radio spectrum obtained will be allocated by public competition and could be raised around $ 200 million, while the additional investment commitments amount to $ 78 million, said sector Minister Ana María Jara.

“We are facing the culmination of a rigorous, participatory and legitimate regulatory process,” in which it is “to establish rules of the game for this ‘road’, which is the radio spectrum, so that new operators can enter,” he said.

Importance of reordering

According to the minister, reordering will also facilitate access to 4G and 5G mobile phone technology to receive other health and education services.

It is unthinkable to have smart cities and to implement technological systems that allow us to better verify compliance with transit rules if we do not rearrange the radio spectrum.

Investments in the telecommunications sector around the 1,000 million dollars a year in Peru, where are the operators of mobile telephony and internet, Telefónica, Claro, Entel, Bitel, and Americatel, among others.

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