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Mobile technology is introducing tourism

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One more year the #mwc18 has been held in Barcelona and, once finished, it is time to reflect and realize how mobile technology is introducing in tourism trends that will change (and are already changing) the entire purchasing process. In addition to this, the customer’s experience, the collection of data and analytics that allow a higher quality loyalty.

These trends, including tools or apps, are now becoming available to both customers and professionals. Its use is growing at the same rate as mobile technology does.

Whatsapp Business and Chatbots

For some time now, only available on Android, the business version of Whatsapp designed for small and medium-sized enterprises is available.

This version of the messaging app opens up a new horizon for companies, such as hotels, that will be able to communicate with their future customers and in-house customers directly. The client will have a direct contact before making the reservation and during his / her stay and all this from the app downloaded on his / her mobile.

For the hotel, it is an excellent opportunity not only for communication but also to be able to automate, organize and respond quickly to your customers ‘ requests. You will also have statistics and analytics on these communications that will allow you to be in constant improvement in your service.

Chatbots, software programs that are able to interact and negotiate with people using natural language of conversation, begin to be integrated into messaging services such as Whatsapp itself, Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

Air tickets can now be purchased via a chatbot integrated into messaging apps. It is the first stone that mobile technology is introducing into a path that will be extended to other businesses such as hotels.

Apps focused on Customer Service

Increasingly, more implemented and mobile.

They offer real-time information on leisure offers and services available in and around the hotel. Thanks to the application, the customer can be quietly sunbathing in the pool and from his mobile book his food at the hotel restaurant, order a taxi or know the activities for children of the complex without having to go to the reception to inform themselves or have to queue to book such services.

This improves the customer’s experience during your stay, giving you more control and autonomy and offering you a more personalized proposal. Some of the most commonly used are Whistle or Altagest.

This trend not only mastery of the developers of the apps, but also companies P. M. S. (Property Management System), such as Protel, are including as part of their products these apps to hotels.

Big Data and Loyalty

In other words, to analyze, study, know and predict in order to make loyalty better and with more quality.

The PMS, analityscs, customer service apps, marketing prediction tools… all of them are left with an infinity of customer data. Absolutely everything is recorded and stored and that information is surely the most valuable of all.

As the booking has been made, in advance, we have consumed, as we have travelled, our data, RRSS profiles, valuations and review… companies have a lot of very valuable information about their customers. They have the opportunity to understand and analyse every aspect of travellers ‘ experience and to make more prepared and innovative decisions. This allows for highly targeted, high-quality, and highly successful remarketing and loyalty actions.
Each time from the mobile…

This is the reality, each time it is in our hands, and pockets, mobile technology is introducing in tourism the possibility to realize and streamline processes historically destined to email or phone call. Now, it’s all on the cell phone and we’re doing it on the cell phone. It is logical that many of these customer service or reservation processes leave traditional ways behind. Life is mobile!

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