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Magic, technology and music fill the Dome at the 60 + Festival

Magic, technology and music were the protagonists on Saturday afternoon at the Millennium Dome in Valladolid. The first 60+active older Festival has encouraged all attendees with the most popular songs of the 60s and 70s performed by Alfonso Pahíno. The public, over 60 years old, has also been deluded with various magic tricks and has discovered that they themselves are considered ‘bloomers’ for companies.

After the talks, lectures and the mood that broke out in the morning in this emblematic place of the city under the Organization of El Norte de Castilla, the Festival continued in the afternoon with a festive atmosphere that defied the warm temperatures that are recorded abroad. Inside the Dome, with a cooler atmosphere and with the delivery of water glasses by Aquavall, the attendees have arrived on time to their appointment to enjoy the magic tricks of Jorge Alés.

The magician has made the public’s delight and made them delude themselves with tricks in which he has used different elements such as rings, strings, cards or magic wands. During the afternoon more participants were encouraged, which filled the facilities of the Dome with the characteristic yellow bracelet of the festival.

At first they have discovered what a Bloomer is from The Hand of half Markt. The manager of the company in Valladolid has explained to those over 60 why they are so important to society and in particular to politicians, but also to companies, and that is that 33% of the Spanish population is over 51 years old, which is almost 15.5 million inhabitants. A public that is objective for the different companies also because of their purchasing power when it comes to spending, because they no longer have the children already in charge.

After the technological talk hundreds of people watched the stage waiting to receive the singer Vallisoletano Alfonso Pahíno. Faces of happiness and excitement for re-listening to the mythical songs of the ’60s and’ 70s that have ripped off the applause of the audience at the Millennium Dome.

To the musical cry of ‘Resistiré’, with the well-known song of the Dynamic Duo, which has been humbled by the whole audience, Alfonso Pahíno has started a concert that has featured themes such as ‘Penelope’ by Joan Manuel Serrat, ‘Noelia’ by Nino Bravo,’ being with you ‘by Marisol or’ accompany me ‘ by Rocío Dúrcal, very applauded by the public.

The 60+Activos Festival continues on Sunday in the Millennium Dome with a masterclass of yoga, the concert of the San Agustín Choir, the presence of the alpinist Carlos Soria who at his 80 years has ascended some of the highest mountains of the world, a performance of regional dances; and in the afternoon the conference of the journalist Rosa Villacastín and the musical performance of Karina.

The first Festival for 60+active adults organized by the north of Castilla is sponsored by Aquavall, BricoDêpot, Ballesol, Caja Rural and Media Markt, with the collaboration of the social services and Community Mediation Council of Valladolid City Council.

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