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Housing will have more eco-sustainable technology

In order to help protect the environment, real estate projects seeking to qualify for the Green Bonus must have more eco-sustainable technology at the end of the year.
This was announced today by the Mivivienda fund after signing a financing agreement for such projects.

The Green Bond is a discount (of 3% or 4%) received by the buyer of a dwelling, on the financing value, depending on the degree of use of the eco-sustainable technologies of a certified project.

Currently, for a real estate project to be certified as “eco-sustainable” and qualify for the Green bonus, it must have basic features such as water saving systems, electricity, Solid Waste Management and optional reuse of grey water (after use in toilets and showers).

With the change towards the end of the year, implementing the gray water reuse system will be mandatory for a certain range of housing prices, said the general manager of the Mivivienda Fund, Rodolfo Chávez.

In addition, the possibility of implementing waste water reuse systems (after use in the toilet) will be included.

“The idea is to reuse that water for garden irrigation and (again) for the toilet,” Chávez said.

He also added that it will be mandatory to put solar panels for lighting common areas in some cities where it is most feasible. And it will be used in construction, recyclable materials.


A total of 150 million euros will be allocated for the continuity of Social real estate projects with environmental criteria.

For the continuation of these projects, two agreements were signed today with the French Development Agency (AFD) and the German Development Bank (KFW), which will enable the Ministry of housing, through the Mivivienda Fund, to have an adequate credit line for their implementation.

The “Agreement to Ease Credit” was signed by the representative of the AFD in Peru, Jérémy Brault, the French ambassador to Peru Antoine Grassin, the representative of KfW, Christian Garve, and the ambassador of Germany in Peru, Stefan Herzberg. The FMV signed the general manager, Rodolfo Chávez, and the manager of Real Estate and social projects, Guillermo Sánchez.

Housing Minister Miguel Estrada said the credit will allow 7,000 new green bonds to be delivered. “The signing of this agreement involves not only the transfer of a credit fund, but also the technological exchange that will enable us to generate public policies on sustainability and real estate development.”

A “memorandum of Understanding” was also signed between the Ministry of Housing and Ambassador Diego Mellado, representing the European Union in Peru. This document will allow the granting of a grant of 10 million euros from the Latin America Investment Facility (LAIF) of the European Union for the financing of preferential conditions of access to credit, technical assistance and support to public policies

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