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European Union: impact on technology

An approximation of the consequences that the treaty could have for the technological sector and for science.

Various activities will be achieved by the trade agreement to be signed by Mercosur and the European Union.

In addition to the exchange of products, goods and services, what can be established in the area of technology and scientific transfer is expected with expectation.

Technology transfer is the process by which a buyer (such as a government, a company or an individual) acquires the rights to use a specific technology.

The big technology generators are the most industrialized countries: it is their companies that concentrate the sales of technologies of all kinds. The least industrialized countries, particularly those living on the sale of unprocessed raw materials, are the largest buyers.

This is therefore an opportunity for Argentina to improve its external care. Also to bring investments in dollars closer to the country, especially for the validity of the new law on the knowledge economy that establishes benefits and incentives for those productive activities that are characterized by the intensive use of technology and that require highly qualified human capital. different sectors using technology for

Specific details of the framework agreement are not yet known, as are details and effectivization processes that have not yet been finalized. However, sources in the sector believe that the aspects to be addressed in particular will be intellectual property and commercial defence.

The communiqué admits that there is a time of transition for the entry of goods and services as well as private actors in the world of technology. In particular, Argentina and Brazil want to maintain some of their regional advantages.

With regard to research and development, the relationship of regional innovation centres with major European projects is expected to continue to be oiled.

On social networks, experts expressed reservations about asymmetry in terms of development and technology between Europe and Mercosur. They warn as more feasible the entry of European companies to South American markets than the arrival of local firms entering the European market.

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