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Create stories to connect

Learning to generate ideas for innovation was the central theme of Daniel Granatta’s workshop on the second day of social Media day 2019. Granatta is an engineer, entrepreneur, advertising creative, journalist, lecturer, writer, teacher and futurist, and has also published more than 20 books on his experiences in advertising, programming and interactive design; his multiple experiences served as a reference to teach the public how to do daily work better and how to fit into a changing world of technology.

The internet has transformed everything from simplifying everyday tasks to how consumers see and interact with brands. “Consumers respond positively to personalized ads,” says the blog on digital media and pure marketing advertising.

Specialists cite a survey by the sociomatic Lab consultant, which shows that “70% of users are willing to receive advertising and information specifically designed for them”; and that the internet and new technologies have managed to narrow the gap between brands and consumers. Large companies now know exactly how the user behaves and what he wants from them. The challenge is to engage technology creatively and intelligently.

According to research, by 2020, computers will do calculations with the speed of a human brain. By 2050 the calculations will be like the sum of all the brains of humanity, impressive data on the constant updating of technology.

The workshop is developed to help people understand technology, for a world of creation rather than communication. “Technology has to be seen as an enabling solution from an ethical perspective, not because I have it, but because I need it, and you have to know how to use it in different ways to help as many people as possible,” Granatta said.

The workshop was part of the most important digital event of the Year, Social Media Day, and was held at the Sheraton Presidente Hotel. In both days they had the participation of the Salvadoran Ulises Gallegos, consultant of innovation and design of futures; together with Daniel Granatta, consultant and futurist; Fernando Revollo, better known as “El Feo”, digital director and innovation in DMA Bolivia; and Gaby Castellanos, CEO & Founder in Socialphilia. They all covered different topics and showed innovative tools in technology and social networks.

Create stories to connect
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