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For the third consecutive year, Bolivia’s Science Clubs will perform HackBo, a hackathon that challenges 120 participants —between 18 and 25 years old, from Bolivia— to create technological solutions in 24 hours that respond to the country’s social needs.

The event, which is free of charge and with national participation, will take place on October 5 and 6 in Panorama, located on ingavi street No. 196, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The organizers will evaluate the applications and select 120 people to participate in the HackBo.

“Every year we receive between 400 and 500 applications nationwide and this year we will select 120 people. There are several applications from Cochabamba,” says Francisco Román, director of technology at Bolivia’s Science Clubs.

In the first version of HakBo, a cochabambino team won first place.

The objective is to promote “technological development in young people by learning and applying development tools with a citizen impact”, a paper by Bolivia Science Clubs.

Four categories

Stakeholders can choose to participate in four categories: social, fintech, enterprise and entrepreneurship, and transport and logistics.

Román explains that in each category there will be a problem to which the teams have to ” find a solution through software that is viable and feasible. They must move forward and implement this solution as much as possible,” he says.

The aim is for participants to develop their creativity, talent and ability by solving the problems they face at that time, which will help their personal and professional growth, Román says.

Multidisciplinary teams

HackBo is aimed at all those who are passionate about technology who want to innovate and provide solutions to some problem of society in any area: health, transport, safety, education or other. That is, a technological project that has a social impact.

Therefore, the teams must be multidisciplinary (marketing, communication, political science, engineering, medicine or any other area), minimum of two people and maximum of five. “The only requirement is that there is at least one person who knows how to program in the group, better if they are more, ” says the organizer.

If you don’t have a team, you can apply alone and the organizers will take care of joining a group.

Participants have to go to the event with their computer or electronic equipment they need. The organizers will provide food, wifi, a development environment and tables.


During the hackathon, participants will have mentors —from various specialties-who will guide them in their projects.

Román explains and advises that participants should take into account the importance of communicating and presenting the solution.

“The solution may be spectacular, but if you don’t know how to explain it, communicate it, you won’t understand it,” he says.

During the 24 hours, participants will develop multiple skills such as creativity, teamwork, leadership, research and planning.


The event will take place from noon on October 5 until noon on October 6.

The participating teams will present their technological projects from 15: 00 to 17: 00 in front of a panel of experts in the area.

The jury will choose a winner for each category and a general winner.

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