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We need new rules for Responsible Technology

María Jesús Almazor, delegate councillor of Telefónica España, spent Thursday for the ABC meetings in Malaga. It did so by defining the new digital revolution that society is currently facing. There he argued that the transformations must be done with predetermined values, given the resounding changes that are to come, …

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European Union: impact on technology

An approximation of the consequences that the treaty could have for the technological sector and for science. Various activities will be achieved by the trade agreement to be signed by Mercosur and the European Union. In addition to the exchange of products, goods and services, what can be established in …

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Housing will have more eco-sustainable technology

In order to help protect the environment, real estate projects seeking to qualify for the Green Bonus must have more eco-sustainable technology at the end of the year. This was announced today by the Mivivienda fund after signing a financing agreement for such projects. The Green Bond is a discount …

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Dead cow technology to USA

Galileo Technologies wants to repeat the experience of the Neuquén Basin in the United States. The company exports and launches liquefied natural Gas production stations on American soil. Allows you to reduce costs for users. Galileo Technologies seeks to repeat in the United States the experience it has developed in …

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Create stories to connect

Learning to generate ideas for innovation was the central theme of Daniel Granatta’s workshop on the second day of social Media day 2019. Granatta is an engineer, entrepreneur, advertising creative, journalist, lecturer, writer, teacher and futurist, and has also published more than 20 books on his experiences in advertising, programming …

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