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In this edition of the technology segment of Ramona, BAMBOO spoke with Luis Avilés, who is Google developer expert in web and Angular technologies. He is considered enthusiastic about JavaScript and open source. He has participated in various international technology events and conferences, giving technical talks, workshops and various training sessions. Founder and organizer of the Bolivian Angular community and NG Bolivia conference.

Angular is defined as a framework (a working environment) for the development of web applications and mobile applications. This set of technologies is developed as an open source project and maintained by Google. Nowadays, Angular has become one of the most popular alternatives for the development of applications worldwide, this can be noticed even in the Bolivian environment by the constant requirements of developers with knowledge of this technology for software companies

How and when is Bolivia’s Angular Community born?

The Angular community is born as an initiative to promote training on web technologies in our environment. In march of the year 2017, we recorded the community as a formal Meetup (events platform), and throughout this time it has become one of the most active communities in Bolivia, developing meetups (events) with technical talks, training workshops and other activities are free of charge. The events are coordinated and organized together with the team that manages the community on a voluntary basis.the team consists of 10 people among professionals and students. We have over 1,100 registered members in our community and are followed by hundreds of people from different parts of the world through our social networks.

How is the idea of holding an Angular conference in Bolivia born? Is this the first time?

In recent years I had the opportunity to participate as an exhibitor in international technology conferences and also participated as an assistant. From there I learned a lot about the dynamics of these events abroad. This is how the idea arose to organize an international technology event with the participation of renowned experts to have Bolivia on the conference map. I shared this idea with the members of the Angular community at an event in May 2018, made an open invitation and formed an organizational team for our first conference in August of that same year. On August 23 and 24, we had the second version of our conference, called NG Bolivia, which was attended by 10 international exhibitors, including Google Developers Experts recognized at the Gran Hotel Cochabamba.

Who financially helped carry out the conference? What was the most difficult?

The conference team helped differently with the financial part. As a conference organized by the community, the voluntary contribution of members of the organization team and the search for sponsors who could support this initiative were used. The hardest part was just finding these sponsors.

What topics were dealt with and why were those topics chosen?

During the two days of the event different topics were addressed around current technologies for the web such as accessibility, real projects on the web, application architecture, web project performance, fullstack development, open source (open source), as well as how to integrate different technologies for the development of a product, among others. Many of these topics are trending today and are applied in projects at different scales around the world. Hence the importance of being able to address them at the conference.

What kind of support would you like in the future?

We would like more institutions and companies to support community initiatives, with donations or as sponsors, as our community has enthusiastic people who Year after year join with their voluntary support and talent. Support for technological communities is very important for the growth of the same technological ecosystem that is developing in the country.

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