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A technology Trotter

Ecuadorean Julio Silva the American dream was realized in great. He dreamed and did. And he did. The 36-year-old Guayaquil is currently the Global Manager of social media analytics of Google, the American technological giant.

In sports T-shirt and wasting verb and youth, Silva reviews for ecuavisa.com what were his beginnings in the “gringo” labor market and reveals a peculiar technique that might well be one of the secrets of his professional success: “apply for Sport”.

His professional career in the United States began in 2007, after obtaining an internship at the U.S. Government Department of Commerce, and after studying Business Administration and Marketing.

Before reaching Google, Silva was forged at the Bank of America, Disney, Cisco and Deloitte. Being a teacher was his first trade in which many see the land of opportunity. Some time later I’d get another job as an analyst.

Julio Silva, El guayaco, had already warmed up enough laborally: with full confidence in his abilities, he would go to all risks for new challenges. Hunger and eat the world. Silva believes that learning English from school was extremely important. His goal now was to get into a major league Corporation. Beyond pointed their noses. It was his North. The search for another rung to the Great American dream I was building.

That journey took him to cities like Charlotte, Seattle, Boston, Houston, Chicago… The list, wide; his desire, also. Then he gave birth to a technique he named after and everything: “apply for Sport.” All or nothing.

” I sent applications everywhere and they interviewed me but I was perfecting the art of interviewing me to improve my personal brand, ” Silva says in a quick display of the stamina he put into his own. In each option, an opportunity for the following.

One such application was for Google, a process that he said “has been the most strenuous of his life.”

“They analyzed me in different dimensions. They took me to another level. I had panel interviews, case interviews, situational interviews,” Silva recalls at that time, when he was about to enter that mass of technology present daily in our lives.

The people of Google saw in July a multicultural experience and that was what caught the attention of the corporate monster, which opened the doors to an Ecuadorian to run one of its most important departments.

The compatriot became the head of the research area of social media-based markets. Big moment. Great.

Since 2017, he has been based in San Francisco, although he travels almost weekly in different cities around the world, from New York to Singapore. A technology Trotter.

This characteristic of his work allows him to return to Ecuador several times a year, so he considers that he has never left his country, where, among others, is the team that beats in his heart: Emelec.

In the future he hopes to be back definitively on his land, carrying out one of his first duties: teaching.

In twelve years, this Ecuadorian has achieved different positions within world-renowned companies. Despite the distance, he found the opportunity to return to his homeland from time to time, to delight in his food, to embrace his friends and to shout out his team’s goals.

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