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A blood diagnosis in just minutes thanks to Israeli technology

When it comes to diseases like blood cancer a few days can be vital. Therefore, the time it takes for the patient to have the laboratory test and have the results is crucial and, therefore, for years it has been sought to carry out diagnostic tests based on a few drops of the patient’s blood that show results immediately.

Sight Diagnostics is an Israeli company that has been working carefully and methodically to achieve that goal. Danny Levner, a co-founder of Sight, points out that from malaria screening they went on to develop an outpatient full blood count test (CBC).

The new test combines artificial intelligence with advanced sample preparation hardware and offers immediate and quality results (sensitivity/ specificity of more than 99%, detection limit of 150 par/ µL).

A sealed aluminium kit contains everything you need to take the sample. It only takes two drops of blood. The patented technology is used to form a monocap of cells and this sample is analyzed with a specialized multichannel microscope. Scanned images are analyzed by artificial vision and AI techniques.

The extraordinary precision of the images allows Sight algorithms to carefully differentiate the cells and identify anomalies. The test analyzes characteristics such as cell size, shape, and intracellular morphology. The results are delivered in minutes, displayed on screen and available for printing and mailing.

The technology known as OLO is already commercially available in Europe and could soon be ready for FDA approval.

A blood diagnosis in just minutes thanks to Israeli technology
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