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Desktop application development

We create cross-platform standalone and client-server business applications ensuring stable functioning, high performance and usability. Our fields of work:

  • Inventory Control System
  • Point of Sale
  • Property Management System
  • Accounting Software
  • Client Management System
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Office Attendance Monitoring System
  • Performance Tracking System
  • Security System
  • Co-Operative Management System
  • Multilevel Marketing Management System etc.

Enterprise solutions development

We have solid skills and deep expertise in building enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. Our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and other business domains allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions. Our fields of Work:

  • Construction ERP Software
  • Distribution ERP Software
  • Manufacturing ERP Software
  • Medical ERP Software
  • Human Resources ERP
  • CRM Services Software

Database Services

Networking services

Application Control Engine (ACE) Family

Virtualized load-balancing, application-delivery solution Boosts application availability, performance, availability, and security Automated dynamic network changes Performance and scalability for enterprises and service providers

Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)

Software-based WAN optimization and application acceleration solution Full appliance portfolio supporting virtual blades and scalable deployment platforms Proven end-to-end architecture with validated design Transparent, highly secure, and reliable LAN-like application performance Benefits include lower TCO, improved business agility, and enhanced business continuity

Mobile Services

It Consultancy

Fiable's IT consultant works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. Fiable work to improve the structure and efficiency of an organisation's IT systems. Hiring in consultants to perform specific functions over an agreed period of time is often referred to as ‘outsourcing’. Fiable may be used to provide strategic guidance to organisations with regard to technology, IT infrastructures and the enablement of major business processes through enhancements to IT. They can also be used to provide guidance during selection and procurement as well as providing highly expert technical assistance, and may be responsible for user training and feedback. Fiable may be involved in sales and business development, as well as technical duties. Typical work activities

We Do

  • meeting with clients to determine requirements;
  • working with clients to define the scope of a project;
  • planning timescales and the resources needed;
  • clarifying a client's system specifications, understanding their work practices and the nature of their business;
  • travelling to customer sites;
  • liaising with staff at all levels of a client organisation;
  • defining software, hardware and network requirements;
  • analysing IT requirements within companies and giving independent and objective advice on the use of IT;
  • developing agreed solutions and implementing new systems;
  • presenting solutions in written or oral reports;
  • helping clients with change-management activities;
  • purchasing systems where appropriate;
  • designing, testing, installing and monitoring new systems;
  • preparing documentation and presenting progress reports to customers;
  • organising training for users and other consultants;
  • being involved in sales and support, and where appropriate, maintaining contact with client organisations;
  • identifying potential clients and building and maintaining contacts.

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